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    Hello from Canada!
    Fall already! Leaves are turning red and the daylight is getting shorter and shorter ... the cold air fills the night and we are slowly working our way into the Canadian winter!!!
    This sets the stage for Desolation 2 – the newest game released by, the producers of SiftHeads, TheStrangers, Vinnies Shooting Yard, DJ Fest, Wacko Willy and Sift with Shorty, games that have been played over 91,000,000 times by gamers throughout the world.
    Feel the chills down your spine as Zombies are trying to prevent you from succeeding in your mission of saving the world!

    Play Desolation 2 at
    Download Desolation 2 at
    Game description: (Hope you'll like the game!)

    This game is based on Desolation 1. In Desolation 2, you are out to find the remedy to clear off every infected citizen. In this game, you will have at your disposal three great weapons: M16 Assault Rifle, Glock 17 and a combat knife. Search for ammo’s because when you get to the bunker, there's a path of dead zombies behind you! Try to survive this intense and amazing horror/suspense flash game!

    Game instructions and controls:

    Use the mouse to interact in the game.
    Dimension : 800 x 600

    Yan Lepage Team

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    Has anyone beaten this game yet?
    Hey thar. Wanna click?