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Death Dice Overdose

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  • Death Dice Overdose

    A platformer game. I'll let the game makers describe it for you.
    "The Gods are gambling with your life."
    Use the arrow keys to run and jump. Avoid all dice. A "death dice" will spawn one of six hazards, so stay sharp. The sight of a huge dice falling from the sky is likely to send you into shock. You have a shock gage, try to keep it from filling up. There are little pills to take to keep your shock level down.
    Get too many pills, and you will overdose. you get more points in Overdose, but things get a little crazy. When your shock meter gets back into white, everything is "Normal" again.
    Good luck.
    Don't forget you are awesome.

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    Get's boring quite fast, to be honest. And I consider it not really suitable for youngsters.
    Rose is a rose is a rose is a rose


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      got 1755, for 757th place..not so good for a first attempt

      we are temporarily amused