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Halloween games - Crow in Hell

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  • Halloween games - Crow in Hell

    Hey from Canada!

    Halloween is around the corner, the hunting season is on and maple tree leaves are covering the ground. Children are playing in the leaves as the temperature varies from 0-8 Celcius (30’s-40’s F for our American friends!) and daylight gets shorter and shorter everyday …

    As ghosts are getting organized for next week’s celebration, launches its newest series: Crow in Hell. This highly addictive flash game will provides hours of pleasure to gamers of all ages. produces such games as SiftHeads, Vinnies Shooting Yard, Sift with Shorty, DJ Fest, Trouble on the Way, Desolation and Wacko Willy – games that have been played over 110 million times by gamers throughout the world!

    to download the game :
    to play :

    Thanks for your help

    Lupin and the team, your Canadians friends

    After being unfortunately shot down to hell by a redneck hunter, the crow must find its way out of the tunnels and back outside so it can get its revenge! Avoid traps and try to stay alive. Find as many keys and you can unlock challenges. Use arrow keys to fly out of hell! A fun game that requires skill and patience.

    And you can look forward to some more games from this exciting new Crow series in the future!

    Game controls :
    Arrow keys to control the Crow. Use your mouse to interact with the game menu.

    800 x 600

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    Okay, I have recently played this through twice and I only can find 23 keys. I doubt there is anybody to help since there are no posts here, but is there anybody that could help me find the 24th key. I played the 2 bonus games through as well. I'm sorry I didn't find this earlier. I thoroughly enjoyed this one. Difficult at first, but not frustrating at all once you get the hang of it.