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  • Pumpkin Face-Off


    Here is a new shooter game for your website. Thanks for your consideration and have a good day!

    Pumpkin Face-Off

    SWF File:

    A range of thumbnails have been included in a ZIP pack:

    * Genre: Shooter, Arcade, Action
    * Dimensions: 550 x 400
    * Filesize: 651kb
    * Possible Keywords: pumpkin, pumpkins, halloween, spooky, ghost, ghosts, witch, bat, shooting, shooter, shootemup, explode, exploding, blowup, aim, firing, skill, action, rapid, carve, cutout, bullseye
    By: HybridWing ( )

    Short Description
    A spookily fun shooter with 2 modes against a barrage of tricky pumpkins.

    Long Description
    Its time to cut out faces in pumpkins, however the pumpkins have other
    ideas. They are possessed by the vengeful spirits of many pumpkins before
    them! You will need to muster all your skills in careful accuracy and
    speed to battle them and successfully cut out enough pumpkins each level.
    Be careful of pesky ghosts which will block you as they pass. You will
    also find graffiti pumpkins which will try to act as decoys. In this
    spookily fun shooter you can try Rapid Mode for some steady action or
    fully test your aim with the tricky Cutout Mode. Great for Halloween but
    hauntingly good entertainment all year round too.

    All Modes: Cut out as many full pumpkin faces as possible being careful
    not to make too many misses or mistakes. Be sure to keep the Level Bar
    up, if it hits zero it's Game Over! Complete the bar to get to the next

    In 'Rapid Mode' the pumpkins literally become targets. As in the game Darts
    the best possible hit is right in the center, this results in the pumpkin
    getting its full face cut out in 1 click. A successful hit outside the center
    will cut out only 1 piece of the face with each click. A miss happens if
    your attempt at hitting the pumpkin lands outside of it. A completed pumpkin
    should not be hit further, hit one too many times and the result is explosive.

    In 'Cutout Mode' accuracy is the key. A successful hit only counts if you
    click within one of the pieces of the pumpkin face to cut it out. Shoot
    carefully as a click on the body of the pumpkin counts as a miss, each
    miss slowly rots the pumpkin away. Too many and it's bye bye pumpkin!

  • #2 that was...intresting to say the very very least
    I'm far to blessed to be stressed by your mess!!!!