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  • Crazy Go Nuts

    Shoot your squirrel out of his cannon to help him gather nuts for the winter. Bounce off tricky wall structures and collect as many nuts as possible each shot. Includes 25 levels ranging from simple maps that are just for fun, to complex puzzlers requiring precision shooting.

    Instructions: Collect all the nuts on each level to progress. Collect as many nuts as possible per shot to max out your star meter and earn big points. Reach the target score for each level to unlock new sets of maps. Look out for the BIG NUT bonus hiding in the grass!

    Play here

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    LOL, this is some serious silly fun. I couldn't get close to the target score until round 3. The rapid fire is the is full of flying squirrels.

    Like it.

    Having a time with level 8. Can't keep monkey on the playing field long enough to collect enough yellow stars to get to the pink stars. All the other levels so far were pretty easy.

    Edit POP. Onto the 3rd rung of levels.
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      Great game,but I dunno how I managed it but Ive some how managed to get one of the squirrels bouncing round the inside of the smaller triangle on level 1. Still doing it now as a matter of fact. Dunno if its a bug or not but Id love to see the hang time after this! LOL.