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  • Ultimate Gamer Challenge

    You're not a gamer until you fully complete The Ultimate Gamer Challenge. This fun game is featuring in it 20 challenging mini games. The Ultimate Gamer Challenge is a game that tests you on the skills and abilities required in games today.
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    going to start

    but your cite goes to chronicle of sun city
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      I got the guy in the pet store swigging away on his drink. Don't know how to advance from here....hmm?


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        get dog food n take pic soon i think

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          I got the "Sun City" site too.


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            its a back n forth game but its fun

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              FYI - The link in the lead post has been corrected.


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                Oh ok thanks Jack. Sorta enjoying this zombie game tho. Will check the new link later.


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                  im out on chronicals thanks gamerhood ;0 too slow for the other game

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                    There is a separate thread for chronicles here if any body needs help in it.



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                      Ultimate Gamer Challenge doesn't load for me


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                        Shame the game doesn't save your progress. Do 10 challenges, close the window, come back, you gotta do 'em all again.
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                          Fun game. I got a pretty huge score, but it was about a week ago.


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                            I am a gamer already. i pretty much can beat all these with Epic Wins!
                            1st: Epic win!
                            2nd: The way it turns is really bad. couldnt get a Epic win. I mean how can you get a epic win if the turning of the ship is THAT fast. i will give it 0 in rating in that challenge.
                            3rd: i was getting good but this just isnt my type of game. even if i AM a gamer i cant beat a game that after 50 secs it brings out 10 letters i made me lose instantly! (it did happen to me)
                            4th: ok. the game was easy but the fast parts got me distracted and made me lose. Epic Fail for this challenge (Not how i was playing. i mean it TO the challenge)
                            5th: Epic Win! these dating games are EASY! as long as you pick the right choises that is!
                            6th: Epic Win! though i have to admit those messages were noobish.
                            7th: You have got to be kidding me. i click so fast i can win easily. Epic Win for me, Epic Fail for this.
                            8th: these 3 puzzles hurt my eyes. but i got Epic Win. the 3rd one though was really confusing and hurt my eyes the most. i can hardly see what im typing.
                            9th: Epic Win. even though my eyes hurt from the last challenge, i senced them.
                            10th: Epic Win! also this Simon Says made me think "oh my god this is a bad game".
                            11th: Im awsome at worms. so i got Epic Win!
                            12th: Epic Win. your luck i got it!
                            13th: Epic Win! i just click random since some things make no sence!
                            14th: Sorry this escape made no sence. theres no way you can know a code with 3 items. you cant even look in the drawers. get a better escape challenge!
                            15th: Epic Win!
                            And quit the game cause the game is bad. not even a good gamer challenging game. needs something so gamers cant beat it. like a level where you cant do anything but must open the door. but you cant do it cause you cant move or you lose. seriously this needs work.
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                              Yay! Collections game! I've always dream of this on flash
                              Uhhh.... lv2 is hard.
                              I'm just a newbie.

                              I can't even escape any room on my own! (U can see that thru my name)

                              Hope u guys help me