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  • Snow Fortress Attack

    SmileyGamer has released a new game: Snow Fortress Attack

    Description: Have a snowball fight with your friends on Christmas Eve! Don't hit Santa! The game becomes harder with every level, and there are 4 difficulty modes. Aim your snowballs fast and with high precision to defeat them all!


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    Its fun until about level 12. After that the delay between aiming and throwing makes it virtually impossible. When you are trying to hit 10 different enemies on screen at once and it does them sequentially with a delay for each snowball you throw half the time it ends up being late for the majority of them even though they were on screen when you clicked. The fact that how long they wait is random makes it pointless to go after them in the order they popped up too. I have played it on both a fast and a slow computer with the same issue, so that doesn't seem to be the problem. Could be a fun time waster with a little tweaking though. There either needs to be a set time they stay on screen so you can go after them in the order they pop up or the shots need to be instantaneous after clicking. Otherwise later in the game it turns into a game of luck.


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      Level 8, and I'm alresdy bored !