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  • Dead Reckoning

    You wake up in bed, as normal, but can't remember how you got there, you get up and check your journal, apparently you filled it in last night, but none of it feels familiar. Seemingly only one of few people not to have been taken by the mysterious happenings occurring all over your home town, you take it upon yourself to investigate and try to uncover what it is, that's manipulating the world as it is.

    Movement = Mouse
    Interaction/ Fire = Left Click
    Flash Light = Z

    Click To Play -

    Warning - this game may not be suitable for younger players.
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    hmmmm the game so buged i mean got to keep turning on the flash light keep clicking z and sometimes it dont turn on the person who made the game really needs to learn how to make better faster type of game i played way better or someone teach him or get someone else to help design the game cause right now it really sucks


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      the concept and story seem really interesting so good job on that but it needs a few improvements like longer battery life, more explanation of the story, and a few more things. but other than that good job.