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    This is not a new game, but it is one I have enjoyed thoroughly. I am surprised it isn't already here. This is an action/RPG type game with very retro graphics. You need to power up your fighter enough to defeat the final boss. You will learn why the game is called Ginormo Sword after your sword is longer than the screen. The game takes patience to get your fighter strong enough, so if you are looking for a game to complete in an hour this isn't for you. If you are patient and a skilled, solid gamer than this game is a load of fun:

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    Oh Wow, this does take me back. Somebody finally did one of these with nothing but mouse commands! Have not figured out if the fairy in The Inn does anything. She just floats in the air (so far).

    Excellent addition Jack, thanks.

    Edit: Autosave works. I am in the 4th area where I got the magic. Still very weak on defense. Sometimes one touch does me in. Biggest problem is dodging and not leaving the battlefield. Many times I have almost have them beaten and dance right off the screen. Hate that.

    Cool. I just discovered the beasts have champion upgrades. I have fought several nobles and just ran into my first emperor

    Edit2: Gotta take a break. Level 11 strength, level 35 katar and lots of jewels.
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      I have found that this game doesn't have an end, which makes it ever more old school than I thought. You do get about 10,000,000,000 dollars for defeating the last boss though. Even now I am still working on filling the library with all the enemies. I may have over 20 billion in upgrades, some of the enemies still take forever to kill.

      As for leaving the battlefield you won't have to worry about it after you get to the fifth screen and purchase an item to prevent it.


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        I can't seem to put a scratch on the boss Ffreet in Act 9. He is solid red and shoots a heck of alot of fire. Is he immune to physical attack?

        Edit: I see what you mean in your post above. I took on a Gigas in Act 9 and took 5 minutes to bring him down. Paid almost a million tho.

        Stuck in Act 9. Going to search the web for tips on what to do.

        Edit2: Got him! Some reason I was thinking you could only enchant armor. duh. Haha, my sword is starting to look ridiculous! Onward.
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          Your sword will literally take up the entire screen eventually. There is a good walkthrough here if you get stuck too:

          Edit: Dr. Evil is gone


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            yeah I found that walkthru to be helpful. I deleted Dr. Evil so I could get a fresh post. Last night just before bed I took out the Golden Knight for.....

            288,000,000 dollars!

            Lets see I watched Leno interview Tom Cruise and Frank Caliendo during the hackfest...I'd say it took nearly 20 minutes to off that one dude.


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              Congrats It literally took me 25 minutes to kill the Golden Knight when I did it. That was one of the longest ones I had in the game.

              Edit: I am still trying to think of the game this reminds me of. Its been bugging me.


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                The graphics don't bring to mind any particular game but the gameplay with the mouse is almost identical to Diablo and DiabloII


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                  I am thinking of something like a Dungeons and Dragons type game for the Atari or an old PC game. It will come to me eventually.

                  On a related note I finally killed the last enemy I needed to kill for 100%. Asmodeus took me a good 30 minutes to kill, even with about 100 billion dollars in stats. Unreal.


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                    I just took out Fay for 378,000,000

                    LOL. She had a couple of strategically placed pixels in the chest area but nothing to warrant a ratings warning (I don't think)


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                      This looks like a fun and difficult game. I think I'll play.


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                        Its great someguy. I think what I like most is there is no penalty for getting killed so you are free to try whatever you think works until you get it right.


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                          I know. I found that out plenty of times with an early boss, Elvin Archer Starting to get the hang of this now.


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                            Don't recommend playing this in a thunderstorm

                            I just spent 15 minutes bashing and dodging the Quetzalcoatl. Had I lost my connection or power toward the end I would have been most unhappy.

                            another 200,000,000 dollars

                            Getting pumped to face False God. Need tons of endurance.


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                              Gah! I'm going against the pesky sand worm. I keep getting killed. Oh well. Persistence is key.