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    Memories of the Elements officially released

    A new memory game based on cards is released. - December 22nd, 2008 - Gaia Dream Creation Inc. has released a new memory game based on cards and the theme of the earth. The goal of the game is to develop its memory by remembering cards. The game offers a practice mode and a competition mode. The practice mode allows to practice with a precise number of cards from 3 to 12. The competition mode starts with 3 cards up to 12 as long as the player is able to memorize the cards. The game focuses on developing the player's visual memory. The visual aspects of the game are the numbers written on the cards and the 4 different images representing the 4 elements of the earth (air, earth, water and fire). As the player solves new levels, new sceneries are revealed.

    The game is available in English and French for the Web.

    The game's website is:

    Webmasters and publishers can find publishing material like images and descriptions at: