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    Use your space key to set speed and angle, how far can you toss the turtle?

    (Sorry GamersHood )

    Play Here or Here

    Click image for larger version

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    LOL, poor bouncy turtle. Great graphics. When you watch your video it makes it look like a grainy oldtimey film on a projector.

    Can't find much of a skill factor. Mostly luck. My best is 4121 and that was without superpower. Haven't checked to see what kind of scores are being submitted.


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      That is almost twice my highest score.


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        I can be so dense somedays. The high scores are just under the game. I was close to making the top 10 but I would have to register to get on.


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          aww poor turtle lol Great game tho!

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            I was drawn to the game but the more I played the more frustrated I got. Each board is random so there is no way to pick an optimal angle. It was sort of like playing a slot machine hoping to get lucky. The graphics do make it fun to play.


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              Poor turtle

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