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  • Stoneage Assassin: Revenge

    Stoneage Assassin is a dark tale of revenge that takes place in a prehistoric age. As the player you take the role of the father who had his daughter kidnapped in the middle of the night by hunters. After being left for dead by the hunters the father is full of grief and obsessed with revenge. Years later he then receives a mysterious message on his cave wall in the forms of drawings. Once deciphered it appears that someone wishes to help him and has left him a makeshift sniper rifle to aid him in his quest for revenge. As the player you must complete a series of missions that will each get you closer to the one responsible for kidnapping your daughter and may still know her whereabouts.

    In the game you must your sniper rifle and ammo to strategically complete each mission using the details in the brief as a guide. Using the mouse to aim, left mouse button to shoot, x and z keys to change ammo you must ensure that only your targets are hit. You must be patient and careful to not hit any innocent people.

    - Controls:

    Sniper rifle aim/movement - Mouse

    Fire - Left mouse Button

    Z key - Normal Ammo select

    X key - Alternate ammo (when available)

    Mission will fail if:

    Mission conditions are not met as described in brief.

    Innocents are hit.

    Target escapes.

    Play here

    Click image for larger version

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    Please use spoilers to give hints:
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    neway, i can't get by chapter 7... ive waited for all 4 guys to come (from the right side of screen) then i tried shooting the house i thought they were in, the fire, and the logs in the fire, and the stone in front of the house, the roof of the house, and the bars on the window of the house, but i can't get them!! helpppp

    nvm got it )) for those who need it,
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      Ok so I'm stuck on the bird one, i might just be impatient but i have no idea what to do! lol

      Edit - lol nvm, i just didnt wait long enough
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        how do you pass the beach scene where four guys are around a stuck


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