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    A new game from your Canadian friends.

    Spring break is here so let’s get wild and have some fun! And talking about wild and fun, we are proud to announce our newest game launch. ZooClan – Battle for Territories is a wild and hilarious game of action!!

    Chaos has struck at the local Zoo and the Pandas and Penguins are in a clash for territories. Who will win and who will claim their space? Play and find out!

    This game can be downloaded here:
    Or you can play it now by following this link here:

    Denis and all the team!

    : -)

    Title: ZooClan – Battle for Territories

    Description: The Pandas and the Penguins are in a fight for territories at the local Zoo. Fight for your favourite clan and defend your territory!

    Game controls: ‘’A’’ to move left, ‘’D’’ to move right, use the mouse to aim and throw.

    Dimensions: 800x440px