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  • Music Catch 2

    A platform* game. As the background music plays, a cavalcade of blue shapes and symbols will appear, loosely in time to the rhythm. Your goal is to collect as many of them as you can with the cursor. Special yellow shapes make your cursor grow (happy!), while red shapes make it shrink (sad!). The rare purple shape gives you temporary purple vacuuming power (super joy!). New to Music Catch 2 is the rainbow shape, which turns every on-screen shape to yellow, presumably because there is gold at the end of rainbows. Which I can vouch for, by the way; sometimes you have to dig. Good luck.

    *NOTE to Mods and Admins: I'm not quite sure how to categorize this game.
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    I am on my way to bed, but a quick play netted me 1,170,420 points. I know I can do better. Sure do love these games. Thanks for posting.


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      Ha, "Super Dude You avoided all Red Shapes"... yeah at least a game where my Trackball was help...great

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        wow for the music alone this game is worth it! Like it a lot!


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          Beautiful game. I love getting all those compliments along the way! I HATE bursting my yellow power bubble when I touch a red though..LOL.

          Purple rocks!

          Thanks for posting.


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            My little circle got huge. x83

            High score of mine now: 1,757,913


            Just got, "Super Duper! You avoided all red shapes!"

            And I got x88 with a high score of 2,186,247


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              Why am I not surprised this is coming from someone who has been known to play a round or two on Guitar Hero? Nonetheless WTG Escape I managed to get my yellow power level over 100 in the easy 3rd or 4th round where the things gently came down from the top. My scores don't come close to yours though, occasionally I top 1 mil.


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                Hehe, thanks. But you've definitely done MUCH better as far as the power level is concerned.


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                  wonderful game! and great choice in music for this!

                  EDIT: best score so far was "Super Duper!..." with a score of 7,465,896 with 88% caught
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