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  • Student Survivor 2

    STUDENT SURVIVOR 2 Remember Student Survivor? They've extended it so that you control what goes on at the university.
    *The link to the game goes to both episodes.

    USE MORE F-11(full screen key)

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    How do you go to the univeristy?
    Ahh I accidentaly clicked the wrong game.
    Arrgh, how do I save?
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      it wont let me save!

      well, very good game in theory.. but verrrrrry buggy.. needs a lot of improvement.
      For example - it wont let me save my game, when i try to go somewhere else sometimes it sends me back home, when i type "go ______" the character leaves but it still shows the home screen, the character keeps changing, and the game just froze all together"
      it's fun, but pretty un-playable
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        Please no double posting
        and i played the first one i don't think ill play the second one though XD
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          binky did it work well for you?