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Grim Reapers Blackjack

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  • Grim Reapers Blackjack

    Grim Reapers Blackjack

    Halloween based blackjack game, try your skills in counting cards, its free and require no real money.

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    I don't mind the odd gambling based game. Although I have concerns about presenting them to younger players. Especially if they are weighted toward the player winning.

    Blackjack and the various permutations of the game can have some different rules. However, this game has disregarded some of the fundamental rules. I was awarded "blackjack" with a 3 an 8 and a 10. Also this game disregards the ace's ability to be counted as a 1 along with 11.

    It's 4 and a half months until all hallowed eve. Hopefully the author can fix the errors and work on the theme in time.