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  • Multitask

    Are you able to focus on different tasks (balancing, avoiding etc.) at the same time by using your arrow keys? Try it out!

    Play Here

  • #2
    I am so bad at this.


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      Lol, you should be good at multitasking as woman
      Maybe you could focus on the left and right arrows, and Horton on the up and down arrows


      • #4
        I've got Horton busy on This is the Only Level.

        Apparently, my womanly multi-tasking skills only apply to grading papers, chatting and playing games.


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          Ughh drastically failed when playing 3 games at the same time. Only got 47. The wasd keys confused me, I am not used to using those. I even avoid action/platform games that requires those buttons. Now I am paying the prize. Nah, however this is true I am just bad in multitasking. Always said I was.
          Faily of Kzin



          • #6
            got to four games and 87 points that was cool lol going to try again


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              I completely failed once the fourth game showed up.
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                114, but i was kind of luck because i only had two clear one obsticle with the fourth game, then all the other obsticles were high up so the triangle went right under them and i could concentrate on the other three. until i got to 114 and i forgot about the fourth gane and hit an obsticle
                still a very fun game indeed.

                btw that whole 'woman are better multi-taskers' stereotype is just not true.
                sure, there are women who can multitask, AND there are men who can aswell. my mum cant do anything else when shes talking on the phone, she cant even walk and talk as soon as shes on her mobile she has to stop walking in case she trips over something hehe.
                I on the other hand can talk on the phone, chat on msn do my homework and high alc on rs, all at the same time.


                • #9
                  up to 150 plus but that was with the help of my son's flexible fingers ... is that cheeting??!! LOL