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Creeper World: Training Simulator

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  • Creeper World: Training Simulator

    Defend your base from the creeper and fight your way to safety.

    Play here

    • Push the advancing Creeper back and activate all Rift totems to transport Odin city to safety.
    • Use the mouse to select a structure at the bottom left and place it on the map.
    • Build collectors to provide energy and towers to fight the Creeper.
    • Make sure all structures are connected to the city.

    He who fights and runs away can run away another day.

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    Interesting game!


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      A very nice time waster. Did anyone get the full version and can tell if it's worth buying?


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        Good tutorial. Not sure I'd buy it. Failed badly on first solo mission.

        Trying again.


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          @RBS, just keep playing and you'll beat the game with ease ones you figured out the weak-spot of the "enemy".
          That's not the quickest way to go but it works and gives you time to figure out better solutions for a re-run of a stage.
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            Creeper Sim suggestions--The Bowl

            At the last planet in Creeper Training Sim, the Bowl.

            Absolutely unable to come even close to solving it. Can't build nearly enough stuff before the Creeper comes spilling onto the last terrace, and from there, the blasters won't keep it back, at least as many as I can build. Which is maybe three on each side.

            Tried Reactor, two Reactors, Speed, even Storage. No joy.

            Any hints? Thanks.

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