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  • Maple Story Knights Of Cygnus

    You have to defend yourself and others against dangerous skeletons, flying witches and other creatures. Use your bow, arrows and other weapons to do that. Good luck!

    Play Maple Story Knights Of Cygnus

    He who fights and runs away can run away another day.

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    Decent I suppose, but it was more of a click fest than anything else. I just used all my skills whenever I could and beat it. Sadly I have only a vague idea of what the story of the game is though since I don't know the language.
    Some people just don't understand that the "best" way isn't always the right way.
    Not everyone plays games to win; some people just want to have fun.
    That doesn't mean that winning isn't fun, and I personally find it very rewarding.
    It simply means that there's more to a game than winning.


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      used to play maple story ages ago...

      Enjoy life, you only get one shot at it

      I wish I was a Power Ranger...


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        clickfest is right. I played Maple story until my mouse wore out. Got so sick of bashing tree stumps just to upgrade to bigger stumps. Diablo 2 is enough for me for hacking away.