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  • Go to Hell

    Make your way down to hell, collecting 50 coins along the way. Don't burn or drown, and watch out for the creatures that live underground! You can push rocks, but don't let them fall on you. Eat meat for strength to dig.

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    tough game. Easy to get trapped.


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      This guy's such a crybaby, always going on about "Waaaah, I need air"

      Kind of reminds me of Motherload, too. I could play this game for a while.


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        hard game but fun


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          It is fun, but luck seems to be a big part of completing it though. I died quite a few times from hunger when meat was few and far between. The lava part gets me every time. Sometimes you need to choose between using up all your hunger or going through the lava and it is a lose/lose situation. I like that it is random to an extent since every playthrough is unique, but it is a little to random sometimes and doesn't provide what you need to survive at times.

          Edit: Problem 2 - You can get crushed by rocks you push. I made it to well over 600 ft and had plenty of life left. I pushed a rock and got crushed by it. I experienced this a couple times prior to this, but not that close to the end. I hate the rocks already, this makes me hate them more.

          Edit: After dozens of attempts I finally reached the end: