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    I have a beautiful bejeweled-style match 3 game for your site: Fairy Nook!

    Description: Create matches to help Mathin the Rabbit navigate a fairy tale world and find his way to his friends. Power up spells and then unleash them on the game board with a tap of your wand to help Mathin past tricky areas.


    Download SWF and thumbs:


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    Playing online version and not coming close to finishing first level before time's up.


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      i think the animations take 2 much time up - plus with all the match 3 games out now-a-days, u really need 2 add a twist 2 it 2 make it interestin


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        Hmm .. I seem to still be on lvl one that keeps repeating but I've only gotten a score that I didn't understand ...
        I used a full ?urn to buy a spring and had over 500 pts - one would think that should get me over the river .. and it took me awhile to notice the timer at the top usually at the side I guess.
        I' m across the first stream/river ..
        At Linn's - well one spot past (the big white building) Eyes tired and it is almost 2 a.m. - have done other things, dog out, email .. to take a break

        To finish one should be able to save and come back later
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