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  • Race to Rome

    A Racing Game
    Take a journey to the gladiator arenas of Carthage and compete in chariot races, battles, and trial challenges that will lead you Circus Maximus! Unlock new weapons, armor, and horses, and collect gold for your victories. Buy enough upgrades and training to take on Caligula himself! If you can defeat the Emperor, you'll then be worthy of the Olympic Challenges. Club Shockwave members have the chance to win trophies, like Supreme Speedius Maximus or Chariots on Fire. Featuring 37 tracks to unlock, 3 customizable chariots, 10 trainable horses, upgradeable weapons and armor, and 5 mighty power-ups, Race to Rome is an epic adventure!
    Don't forget you are awesome.

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    fun game,i like it^_^ this is my first ever post![IMG]
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