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    Just wanted to get in touch to let you know about our dangerously addictive new game, Mileage Ace!

    Full Description:
    How high can you fly?

    Bounce from mileage bubble to mileage bubble to fly as high as you can. Visit various cities around the world en-route and 'bee' careful to avoid those pesky bees!

    With a plethora of bonus bubbles to help (or occasionally hinder!) you on your way, this game will have you bouncing for days!

    Be warned! This game is dangerously addictive!

    If you would like to play the game now, or if you do not host games yourself, you can find it here.


    If you would like to host the game, please use this link to the zip file containing the game, a thumbnail, screenshot and the game description.


    height 500
    width 600

    Thanks for your time.
    If you have any questions please contact us.

    Sam Livesley
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