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  • Street Fighter Online

    An incredible replica of Street Fighter. Plays just like the real thing!
    Registration required.

    Uses W,S,A,D as movement. U, I, O for punches, J, K, L for kicks. Try different combos for different moves.


    The first time you play, select "Story Mode". That is single player. The "Start" button leads to multiplayer, and multiplayer will destroy you if you are a first timer. I know from experience.

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    Note : All characters not available at first. Keep winning , and youwill get them.


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      This is...*drools*

      I don't understand why it has X-men characters as well...or why it doesn't seem to be a replica of any of the original SF games as far as I know
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        This was hard stuff. Didnt understand the controlls, with the picking og the fighters and the tag thing


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          Press O and L at the same time to tag in.

          As a reason for the X-Men, its a replica of Marvel vs. Street Fighter.


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            hey in url says it is sfo2.html at end so will it need to be super fighter online 2?

            I mean street fighter online 2....

            why game need first load then again load but this time can go menu and there will need wait it load to end!!!???

            i suck cant even beat in story mode even one.
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            What is better than room escape games???? =)

            If i get bored, I go to play Action Quake 2.

            AQ2 rules!!


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              it takes like 15 minutes to load the first time, then afterwards it takes like 15 seconds.

              Moving at the same time as attacking sometimes brings special moves. Keep experimenting.


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                UPDATE: Game Vindicator is up! Ryu is remade. GV is an anti hack system, like PunkBuster.Download it for extra updates!


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                  I play this game and like it a lot. The new website is . Gambit was recently added.
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                    Like this game too, thanks. Great game, use to play this type at the game central with my fellows. Still enjoy this, recently I also try some new verison too, anynoe try the apknite Street Fighter IV Champion Edition? Same gameplay but more update fun features.