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Ninja Gardener: Episode One

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  • Ninja Gardener: Episode One

    Just released my latest game. Here's the press release:

    Merciless Games Releases Ninja Gardener: Episode One

    Tuesday, September 5th 2006

    Boston, MA - Merciless Games released their second casual game, Ninja Gardener: Episode One, today. Visitors to the Merciless Games web site will be able to play the new game for free via the Adobe? Flash 8 web browser plugin.

    As the Ninja you must defend your newly seeded garden from 10 rounds of birds. Choose your targets wisely, as some birds are quicker than others to snatch a seed. Ninja Gardener: Episode One features 10 rounds of exciting action/strategy gameplay and the chance for players to score big by hitting four different birds!

    Merciless Games creates fun and innovative casual game experiences for all audiences. In 2006 Merciless Games launched their first title, Puff Ball. Taking influence from arcade classics, Puff Ball merges classic gameplay with superb modern graphics for a unique gaming experience. Puff Ball is available as a free online game that can be downloaded into any Adobe? Flash enabled browser.

    To play Ninja Gardener: Episode One, visit the Merciless Games web site at:

    I hope you all will visit my site and check it out!

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    Thanks for adding your game! The game is very nicely done

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