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    Reimagine first greets you with faceless celebrity caricatures hopping around the sides of a square, as you realize the GRAVITY of the situation. Everything around you... is part of the game.

    Category - Action

    From Super Meat Dress, to Double Rainbow Double Jumps, to The Bieber Booty Call, to iPad iGravity, to Groundbreaking Earthquakes, to Apple-ture Science ...
    ... To MUSICAL PARODIES such as Somewhere Are Double Rainbows, Tik Locke, and EMIN3M BIEB3R...
    ... To the twelve-ish cutscenes of animated havoc and hilarity...
    ... To the nine-ish minutes of original soundtrack...
    ... To the twelve medals that artificially create replay value...
    ... And to YOU.
    The more challenges you complete, the more you can customize your own character in the CHARACTER MAKER. When all the challenges are done, you can play AS YOURSELF. IN. THE. GAME. ...And you realize...
    Everything about the game... is part of you.

    ==== ---- ==== ---- ==== ---- ==== ---- ==== ---- ==== ---- ====

    Arrow keys to jump and move
    Number keys to switch characters
    Space is general action key.
    You can reset a level through the Pause Menu, (Press P) as well as Mute, and change Quality.
    And if you're still stuck after a minute of trying, don't worry, press S+K to skip the level.
    It will still be there next time you come back.

    Also if i could just add, This game is not suitable for minors due to animated violence and also due to being The Game
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    Hey there, if you get stuck with anything just send me a message and let me know