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  • Hexzul

    Hi Guys,

    Get ready for a fantastic new puzzle game challenge, which will stretch your mind to its limits! A game that will force you to use all of your powers of logic, perception, and observation, in order to solve each new puzzle. What is this fantastic new game I hear you cry? It's called Hexzul, and we think you're going to love it!

    Hexzul is an 80's arcade styled puzzle game, inspired by our love of retro games such as Tetris, Welltris and Blockout. We've introduced some new and interesting twists to the traditional shape matching puzzle game, that will make it more challenging than any other you've tried before.

    Hexzul consists of 8 hexominoe shapes, and uses a random combination of these to create 1000’s of new and unique shapes. You must match each new shape by combining the hexominoes available to you. But beware, time is limited, so the faster you can match each shape, the more points you'll earn!!!

    Play now

    Thanks for checking out my thread, have fun playing my game