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Conquer Antartica: because penguins have no mercy

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  • Conquer Antartica: because penguins have no mercy

    A fun shooting game much like territory war.
    There are two versions of the game.
    There is Multiplayer edition where you battle others online.
    And there is the normal edition where you can battle the computer or anyone else at the computer with you.
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    i love this game


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      nice game (:


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        good game
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          I like it!!
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            I'm actually not a big fan of the story mode or whatever it's called. You always have two penguins on a tiny ice float whereas the computer will have three or more on huge land masses with plenty of cover. If you can't zero in on them in one shot, you're pretty much done for.


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              I agree. And I hate playing by myself so I never do two player, and multiplayer sounds.... boring. I dont really like this game.
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                About the only thing consistant about this game is how inconsistant it is. Two identical shots take two hugely varying amounts of damage. Two identical hits cause two extremely different reactions from the receiving penguin. Also, apparently a hit that takes 100% of a penguin's life will not kill it. The collision detection isn't always spot on, as sometimes a snowball will just fly near my penguin and send him flying into the water. The snowballs don't always bounce off the ice but sometimes fly through them. I did laugh at one point when a physics error actually worked to my favor, when a richocheting snowball flew through my penguin's head without actually counting as a hit.

                One could argue that not changing the player's starting scenario while altering the computer's scenario and the increased number of opponents are there for a leveling difficulty, but when you only get two chances to shoot three opponents, its hardly an increase in difficulty but a lesson in futility. It would be different if you had some indication of what your last shot was, as then you could start to pinpoint your opponents, but every shot resets, giving you nothing to go off of and thus, you shoot into the dark every time.


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                  Exactly! Also, the different kinds of shots (missles, grenades, etc.) change in speed and direction. A default shot with a snowball hit an enemy penguin, so I changed to missle. It flew past the screen! Not a great game in my opinion.
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