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  • Magic Harry's Muggle Pot

    Just follow the cup the ball is under. When the cups have stopped moving, click the cup you think the ball is under.
    Instead of just the traditional one ball and three cups method, once you have progressed far enough, this game adds a fourth cup. Once you've mastered four cups, it will introduce a second ball as well.

    The Aim of the Game: Find Harry's magic orb under the Muggle Pots!

    How to Play: Watch the Muggle Pots spin, and use the mouse to select the correct one when they stop.
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    You haven't posted the link of the game. And please give a proper name of the game.

    Edit~I have added the link and changed the name of the game. Next time please make sure that you give the proper name of the game and add the link of the game as well.
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