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  • Staggy the Boyscout Slayer

    You can buy things from the shop between rounds. One round lasts 60 sec. To buy stuff simply click the item you want if you have enough money. You get money by killing boyscouts or picking up chests.

    attack: space
    Move, jump and duck: arrow keys
    Change weapons: numbers 1-7 or letters m-z
    Pause game: p ( only get 3 pauses per round)
    *waits in police station* ok ok i confess! i took the last piece of cake!

    when a leader speaks, that leader dies.....

    if you really want to be happy and accepted, be yourself. -some guy named bob who works at my local kfc

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    Once the game finishes loading, nothing happens. I don't see a start button or anything.

    Edit: The alternate link works fine though
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