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VR Defender Y3K

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  • VR Defender Y3K

    another one of those onslaught/defender -type games.

    except with more weapons and you make more gold from killing the little bad guys.
    death to animated emoticons. and obscenely large text.

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    good game but my computer starts running seriously low running once you get over level 15.
    Couldn't find a pen had to think of a new trick / This one he wrote in cold blood with a toothpick.


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      i say i got to lvl 27 n it started to slow down and also boy theyr really tough after tht couldnt stop em


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        i finally got hte hang of it and got to lvl 38
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        lmao top gear ledgends


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          Lolz ive got to lvl44


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            Lvl. 47. I suspect there are 50 levels as the arrows have armor 100 and were pretty much full size when I died. Still haven't quite perfected the strategy yet.

            Scrap that, just done it on easy. There are 51.

            Same tactic worked on Hard as well. Not sure about the next level. Don't know if it's possible.
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              lol. iv been playing this alot and cant seem to get past the triangles at there second lvl. anyone wanna make up a picture guide of some sort XD i dunno.
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