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  • Pucca game

    An entertaining version of the classic Paper Scissors Stone game. You will have to use your reflects. Press Z,X or C to choose your play. If you win press Q as quickly as possible to attack your opponent, if you loose press A before your opponent attacks.


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    Cute game. Very funny ending no matter who wins But I had a problem starting the game since there is no instruction to tell you that you choose your actions with "z", "x" or "c" in the single mode. I have so far not found out how ya do it in two player mode

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      OH sorry!!... The one player mode is the z,x,c and the two player mode is the 1,2,3 on the num pad.


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        Hmm strange game LOL but next time make sure you put a better describtion like what z,x,c are for and how to use the Q to atttack and A to defend yourself from an attack
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          Aww Cute Game
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            nice game
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