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    A game from Fasco. This game contains 6 chapters with a mini-game, nice story and animation. You have to save Nano who were kidnapped and the 5 secret scrolls (texts) for Ninja.

    Try "The Chapter of Beginning" first and start from "The chapter of Flower" and follow the path.

    Play Here

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    I keep getting an error message that I am missing Shockwave Decompression X(tras i think ) However, I am using the latest Shockwave player , i e version 10 sooo I wonder if this has ta do with playing the game in Vista.....
    Anyway, I cannot play this game for now

    STILL struddling


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      I would like to apologize for what is happening. It seems my robot clones have lost several of their chips, especially behavioural chips.

      But I must say, I'm surprised to learn that I'm a ninja.

      Anyway, I played this game a couple of years ago and again just now, and this is by far the cutest Japanese game I have ever seen!
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          doesn't work for me...

          I can't play it either...
          I get a "click to run an Active X control on this webpage" twice and the screen stays black with a small x on the upper left corner *just great*
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            ar the jumping game is hard!

            ARGGGG I DONT GET THIS GAME OK in chapter of the flower, i defeat the purple dude and get a flower from the principal, then i think it says i lose
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              lol this is fun not the jumoping game is hard lol

              got place d 30th fun game
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                I can't get past the frickin' jumping game even though I haven't even fallen


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                  I'm happy I made the top twenty overall, but I don't see how the number one score on some of those games is possible.