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String Avoider 2

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  • String Avoider 2

    Back again with all new String Avoider madness and fun. Enjoy!

    Play here

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    i luv these games!!
    thats my bf so keep off him or he'll give u pins nd needles!!
    thats my ex can u guess y i dumped him??
    thats my ex ex bf he tried to kill me a couple of times but then his mom hacked his head off in halloween H2o


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      Oh i kind of like this game takes you a while to figure it out but yeah its a great game bravo to the creator and his/her game
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        I dont get it! sometimes it randomly truns red and i didnt hit into anything!

        AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARG !!!!!!!!! i cant beat easy street because it keeps randomly dieing! HELP
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