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    Just a quick game I made using the Scratch platform. It is fairly basic at the moment, but it was made with stability in mind. Might take a while to download for those of you on slow connections. I would like to make some additions, a twist to make it less generic and more fun, your comments are welcome, but be nice if you can

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    A very simple concept, but a very fun game (for a while at least).

    Unfortunately it requires a lot of processing power. It maxed out my CPU and subsequently ran slower than it should :/. I don't know why a game like this should require this much, but it might be the Scratch platform, which I'm not at all familiar with.


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      Nice graphics!

      Got the same problems as Arch7 had, with the CPU, and I think I should run a bit faster than it did.

      Made it to level 6 without loosing any lives.


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        looked like a good game but wasn't able to play when I open the game it made my computer to slow to play

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          It's fun and gets more and more difficult as you progress .