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  • Goblin Arena

    this is a game where u pick a fighter and hope it wins
    The great Funiax is back! (Hopefully) Post your progress on Stupidscape if you think you're the ultimate riddle solver! MoneySeize is an addicting game, dunno if it's on here.

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    hmm scored 23000 in the first try.
    the game is not worth a second try
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      the game is not worth a second try

      that is the worst game ive EVER played


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        But what just happened here? I picked a guy and then he died, picked again, he died. Picked again, guess what happened? He died! Not a great game.
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          come on do they think you can win this game no matter who I send out they lose. one time i got a leve up on two of my people and they still lost
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