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  • Click4 - Maritime

    Hello all,
    A new game is ready: "Click4 - Maritime". It's time to explore the ocean!

    This game presents some timing elements and you'll need to master skills in this area.
    As with all the games, IE is required.
    Please enter the "Games" page and press "Play" beneath the "Click4 - Maritime".

    direct link:

    Game info/background: You've spent the vacation in the summer camp at the Marine Academy. The classes are on the rescuing tag boat. Your goal is to pull volunteer survivors from the sea. Thus levels are gained. Also, take some oceanology courses at the academy and gain rank. When You get excellent grades - virtual nautical gifts are presented to You.

    Game controls:
    1. Press Play button to start / continue current level.
    2. Move the mouse left and right and observe the lifesaver moving too.
    3. To throw the lifesaver: Position the mouse on the lifesaver, Press and Hold, Look at the Throw power indicator, Move left or right /Release the mouse. When done correctly and the lifesaver reached a survivor, the survivor will disappear and the score will go up.
    4. Once enough points are earned, the LevelUp button becomes available. Press it to move to the next level. Now, the Academy button is enabled.
    5. The Academy button is only available once per level, before you start a new level. Press it and take a test to get a higher rank. Try to get to be an Admiral! Please note that You don't have to study, but, like in real life, a higher rank will be reached much slower, only based on the points earned so far.
    6. The Reset Level button will restart the current level - but it is really for future use - You don't need it. The Save button is for the future also.

    So, please play the "Click4 - Maritime". Any feedback is welcome.


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    Well, my lifesaver went crazy, and started to jump up and down by itself, I couldn't do anything more after that


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      It seems to go crazy after a few throws. It doesn't make it unplayable though, but it does take the skill element away from progressing to the next level.


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        I think it will be ok now

        hello, it took me a long time to catch this "crazy" behaviour - it never happenned to me with this game.
        anyway, i hope i fixed it.
        thank you,


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          Your fix seems to have worked. It plays fine for me now.