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    Victor Was A Miner
    he killed because of pain

    my person was called lily she was killed by victor in war and she was 74

    I'm smilie mad
    Online sisters suzy
    long lost bro:hitman



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      Funny game

      His name was Scared, he was 54. He crushed. At the end i asked if he was gay (lol). He said yes and he killed me...


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        i have sum1 called edwin from ireland who was 14 who was shot by his cousin guy at 11 37 pm!!! nd i asked him sum other questions nd he sed vengeful nd hurt!!!!!!! when i asked him how old he was he sed 14 then i died suddenly nd am sadly missed!!

        this game is seriously creepy!! im now talking to a 66 year old called viola who fell in york in 1665!!i then asked her if she liked me nd she sed no!!!!
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        blue girl
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          talked to Mary from Kent,age 12, shot kai killed by Karen who is with her.


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            I would appreciate any comments you might have on this game(i.g. good, bad, etc...)


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              I asked some ghost named James who was killeed by Victor ( a baby?) if he had a wife?
              He answered: 244 years?
              Last night, I was lying in my bed and looked at the stars, when I suddenly realised... Hey, where is my roof??!!


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                I must be so stupid because i cant even begin it always tells me enter a vaild date of brith. Ex: i put 04-14-1992 so can someone help me please
                never mind
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                  I spoke to Pearl. She was 8. Then that image of the ghosty thing popped up. I asked why she was trying to scare me and she said "kill d." I asked her is she killed me and she said "war." I asked if I had been in a war and she said yes. So I asked why she was lying to me and she just stopped answering and the pointer just kept spinning.


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                    I forget the name, but I asked him if he liked me and he said 'no' and then I asked if he wanted me to ask any more questions, and he said 'no'. Then, I said good bye and he killed me! So much for being nice!


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                      I had a guy name clarence and he was crushed to death in the 1344. I asked him if he needed help and he said yes and I asked with what and he said 4:25pm. I didn't understand till I looked at my clock and it was 4:25pm. Yea I had to stop playing after that lol.


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                        I like how popular this game has gotten. Thanks guys.
                        and I see how it has made the home page.


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                          lol this is kinda funny. y is it for 15 and older only? its not scary. i ended up with a girl named elsie who was killed by her mom sue. she wants to pay back sue by scaring her. Sue poisened her daughter because she was scared. then i asked her what she wants to do to sue, and she said "7 22 pm"

                          SAD!!! i was in the middle of typing what time she died at, and i died!!!
                          *tear* (if dead people can cry)
                          RAWR! I AM A HUMANSAUR!


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                            weird... i asked the "ghosts" name and it answered "scared"..... then i asked "can i leave?" and it said "no" then i asked "you want to talk to me?" then it said "no" then i asked "you wanna kill someone?" and then it said "yes" and i was dead....

                            lol.... why do i always get the ones with the weird names this time it was tired.... i asked it "are you going to say yes to anything i say?" and it said "yes" and so far it has only said "yes" even when i asked if the board was made out of teak.... then i asked "what are you going to do to lola?" (the one who choked him/her) and it said "tired" but atleast this time it didnt want to kill some1...
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                              I had 78 year old Arthur from Dublin, who was shot by his carer Karen because of torture (I asked why was he shot and he said - torture). He died in 1827

                              I also asked him if his name was Arthur and he replied "1" - does that mean he was the first Arthur? LOL

                              I can't work out how to ask questions that don't make the planchett spin out of control.

                              I now have 17 year old George from 1507 who was drowned because of Torture. He was killed by Lee who is a doctor, who isn't dead but is with George (hmm, okay then) and Dr Lee is only 19.
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                                I had a dude named Oliver, 67 from Stratford who was crushed, by what I asked, he said guy.

                                He doesn't like pie...

                                I asked if he likes me, he said yes. I asked if he wants to kill me...he said yes. LMAO then I asked if he REALLY wants to kill me, he said no. He said he likes to joke.

                                He doesn't like long walks on the beach... =(

                                He has a lover but wouldn't tell me her name...then I died...but sadly missed!! XD
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