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  • Internet World Walkabout

    It's Internet World and you have to make sure all the delegates are directed to the stands they wish to visit!

    Look for the icons above the delegates' heads, and then click on them to pick them up using the claw cursor. When you have them in your clutches, move them to the correct show area and drop them by releasing the mouse button. Watch out for delegates who need a drink or a toilet break!

    I hope you like it!

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    Lol. Got Rank 33 with 5102 points.
    A: Guys! There's no 'I' in TEAM.
    B: Well, there's no 'U'(you) either.
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    colors weren't wasted on you.



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      Is this an addicting game? This sure looks like it.

      EDIT: Slow, slow computer! It froze at three people! -bashes computer-
      I have new connection and it is supposed to be faster. But the internet new thing only works on dowloads.

      EDIT: This looks hard. I wish this was on full screen.
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