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  • The Last Stand 2

    The Last Stand 2. Everyone except you is a zombie. A shooting game, not appropiate for people under 18.
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    lol, i actually like this.


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      why is it called the last stand 2? i played this before and i can't remember or find a last stand 1
      great game btw, zombies ftw!
      Last night, I was lying in my bed and looked at the stars, when I suddenly realised... Hey, where is my roof??!!


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        I only got to level 31. I didn't know how to pause and I had to leave the computer. It was a cool game.
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          The game linked here is Last Stand 1.. link provided by the OP is Last Stand 2.

          Just beat it, great game like the first.. but even better now with the choice of searching and arming survivors.

          Here's some tips:

          On first chance, search Sheriff's Office, Church, Park Storage. I got lucky and got 357, chainsaw and 1 survivor. Give survivor the 357 and use chainsaw yourself. Next time look for supplies(stores) and survivors(houses,apartments) give them your guns and keep using chainsaw.

          Eventually, you get a hunter's rifle.. I used this in combo with the chainsaw and it worked very well all the way until I got the M249 Minime / RPG combo which was just devastating.

          I barely used the traps, but if you do use them don't put them side by side or they will all blow up together.. I put bear traps in between the explosive ones and it worked pretty well.

          When deciding which zombies to kill, apart from aiming for the head, kill the fast ones first and the ones carrying weapons (or your fellow survivors will die fast)

          Happy killing! Man this game is fun


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            here is a link to the real last stand 2:


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              maybey fredy took ur roof lol

              last stand 3 needs to be out i know itll be awesome
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