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  • Landfill Bill


    Matmi have developed a new game to promote recycling and environmental issues. It's called Landfill Bill.

    zip file . 

    Please let me know what you think.


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    Re: Landfill Bill

    First your post has a link that does not take you anywhere. 2nd your zip file did not work for me. I do not know what a .swf file is or how to make it work. The read me was not helpful to that end. So I chop your link to get to your main site and there was the game. (A lot of figuring out just to play your game) KISS.

    Played the game. It is not my type of game I like playing so keep that in mind. The color for green and brown bins are hard to tell apart (a bit color blind here) The pieces move behind the main character so it is hard to see what you got. I got bored with it in one play. Maybe my kids might like it. The recycling concept is good. Sometimes the target/mouse is slow to respond. No idea how may things I missed in the game as it moved to fast. Might consider a pause as you ratchet up the speed each round.

    Since it is probably a game for kids I would make it even sillier with the bins making faces or running away from items that should not go in it. If you did the game in rounds you could always finish the round with the bin doing some crazy antics with the trash depending if you scored well that round or not. Or have Bill do a dance. That would increase the play ability even for me. I would play again to see what they would do next.

    How that helps


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      I've fixed the link to the online version of the game


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        Thanks, kepy me amused for a while.


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          This game is pretty stupid.

          The music on here is awful.