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  • The Flashy Game

    Don't be fooled by the changing colors - you only care about shapes. Use your mouse to control the circle. Collect the stars, but avoid the squares. As your scors rises, the background will go more insane. How long can you survive?

    Warning: The background screen of this game keeps flashing. This might cause problems to sensitive people (who suffer from epilepsy for example)

    Click Here To Play!!

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    Please post all new games in the "New Games Sub-forum". And make sure you give the proper name, description and link of the game.
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      I think I'm going blind.
      This really messed with my eyes. I seriously don't encourage people sensitive to light to play this.


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        I made it over 100

        oh and I think this game helps concentration


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          this game is awsome
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            i read the warning.
            after what happened with ZaneTheodore's new game yesterday I'll give this one a miss.
            i dont fancy at least another 20 mins unconcious for no reason.

            can a Moderator please add an epilepsy warning to that. its called Final Quest Genesis.
            the loading seqence is VERY dangerous to health indeed.
            20mins out cold yesterday due to that.
            and he STILL hasn't added a warning. after 4 requests as well.


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              I'm surprised that Zane's is that much of a speed flash to cause problems TBH but then there are varying levels of sensitivity too. Had a friend who was also (fire alarms for the deaf set off her seizures)


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                fortunately i was in my computer chair sitting back, if i'd been lent over the keyboard it might be another matter.
                I'd have smashed my head into the table.
                hence requesting the warning for that one.


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                  I got 82..coulda kept going but those boxes were everywhere..the colours are tricky at first but eventually I didn't even notice them
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                    best i could get was 92

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                      Funny thing,
                      after making that post, I went into the bathroom and vomited because of the flashies.


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                          I should do it again.


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                            AHH Orange!!!! Vampires don't like the color orange!


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                              87 points and my eyes give up lol
                              never stop and