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    This is another game from If you want to post your highscore you must be a member.

    You have 5 missions. you can get awards if you collect all items, not get hit one and if successful you get flawless if you get both done (or something i havent got flawless. have you?). See if you can get the best medal in a mission. Get a high score in each mission and submit it in the highscore board. see how good you are in your profile and much more. in missions do stuff with your mouse. in minigames (which pop up anytime) use your mouse to solve it. you get bonus points for successful solving. you will be timed in the minigames though. right now you might be wondering why in your profile your called "Guest". well it might be a slight problem with that if your a member. all there is right now is mission 1 and 2. mission 3 coming soon! look around the car. awsome? go see the rest of the vehicles by seeing "Agent's Vehicles".

    now im going to be quiet and let you play this:
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    my little brother has been addicted to this for a week.
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