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Mu Online New Season (Season 4)

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  • Mu Online New Season (Season 4)

    Hi all .. This is a Cool role playing online game .. its kinda addictive .. Come and join..

    OasisMu Full Season 4 + 6 new Wings + 16 New Sets
    Dedicated Server 24/7 Online , 99.9% up time and long term

    * Server Homepage : OasisMu
    * Server Register : OasisMu Register
    * Server Forum : OasisMu Forum
    * Download Center : OasisMu Client

    Exp : 350x
    Drops : 80%
    Max Lv : 420
    Reset Lv : 400
    Reset points: 350
    Bless Bug : OFF
    Auto Reset : OFF

    GamePlay Mode
    You will have to work a bit to be max stats, but their will be always a challenge...
    There will be good drops in the server, events will be rewarded with souls or blesses,
    You will find many ways to improve your set ,and finally find the ultimate power

    - You must hunt for the items, but they will drop in a good rate
    - There are plenty of spots and alot of golden
    - There are superbosses who drops with a high rate juwels, but it will take a long time to defeat them even if you are max stats and in a party
    - There are alot of boxes/medailles/hearts that drops good items
    - The events are an exellent place to find good items and level up fast

    Supported Events
    - bloodcastle
    - chaoscastle
    - devilsquare
    - kantru event
    - illusion temple event
    - skyevent
    - hit and up event
    - blue event
    - boss event
    - crywolf event
    - Castle siege event

    We provide the latest season 4, with custom features and a good antihacksystem

    Good support by our administrator team
    -Hide & Seek
    -Dinorant Race
    -Drop Event
    -and many more !

    /post - WORKING
    /pkclear (You can now even clear pk status in game by paying some zen of course !)
    Add stat in game (You can add stat without those old auto clicker)
    /addstr 5000
    /addagi 5000
    /addvit 5000
    /addene 5000
    /addcom 5000 - only for DARKLORD !!!

    Special support
    We provide frequently updates to improve the gameplay:
    - New features development
    - Antihack updates
    - Bugfixing updates

    FRIENDLY & ACTIVE MM always will be there to help


    With a fresh start we challenge the topplayers agian, Join now!!!

    Enjoy the experience of PVP

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    Thank you:
    ***I am ribie from Amsterdam,I love Cyprus***