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Ghost Slayer 1200 (Powerpoint)

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  • Ghost Slayer 1200 (Powerpoint)

    Ghost Slayer 1200

    Hello! I just finished making Ghost Slayer 1200! This Game does not work on macs, and you need powerpoint to play it. In this game your family was kidnapped by ghosts and you need to make an Anti-Ghost soup to get rid of those ghosts and get your family back!

    Play it Here!

    NOTE: Online Play has a few problems... if you go to the one that is better for online play, it is limited to a 32 Kb/sec! and if you go to the other one, you can easily cheat because of a scrolling bar. So, I suggest you download it from the gamershood link(the downloading link) if you want to play properly. Thank you!
    EDIT: I removed the bad link because I think it is very slow. Please Download this game instead of playing it online!
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    Very time consuming game but i still liked it. You should try this one Great Man.........


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      Nice really cool game but the 12 doors part took me a loooooooooooong time!
      An invisible man marries an invisible woman.
      the kids were nothing to look at either

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        it was really easy for me bec i...

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          The only power point game I've played was some variation of jeopardy, I'll give this one a try though as it sounds fun.