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  • Bz Enhanced 1.11 Battlezone DL Now

    Bz Enhanced stands for Battlezone Enhanced or BzE and is a continuation of the games Battlezone 1 and The Red Odyssey and has many enhancements and more craft and walkers. Battlezone 1 is one of the first great PC games created, giving the players the ability to create maps and make their own skins for hover craft. Battlezone 1 by Activision was originally made to work with windows 95 and 98 computers. It was patched and upgraded by players with the help of some of the original programmers. Some of the maps are patterned from various landscapes of celestial bodies in our solar system as seen from nasa photographs. A non-profit club called was created to help continue the game. Permission was properly obtained for the modding and free downloading of this online multiplayer. Bz Enhanced is a free and legal download. The servers are maintained by the players. This game is more fun and has better action than any other game in my opinion. There are many hover craft ships to do battle in like hover tanks, rocket tanks, walkers, birds or prey, and many many more. There are death-match, strategy, and snipe maps. Most of the original maps for multi-player in Battlezone 1 are in there for those who love the game in its original form as well as enhanced maps having 4 instead of 2 races. The 3D effects are very good and the physics of the game are excellent. There are better host controls and the players cannot cheat in this version so it is more fair.

    It works on most windows systems from windows 98 through vista and support will be continued.

    Please download and enjoy the best free online multi-player I know of Bz Enhanced at .

    Make sure to read the instructions and don't forget to download and install the map expansion pack after installing the game because it has great enhanced maps such as the Birds O Prey aircraft maps in there. In strategy games you collect scrap to build bases, and hover attack craft, with can have teams. The lobby is very user friendly for chatting, and the players are friendly.

    Cya in tha Zone.