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    I was hoping that the game author nigec would post the game himself as a member on this forums, but since he didn't, I take now the liberty to post it.

    Candy Boom is a short room escape game with nice graphics. Your mom goes out, and accidentally you lock yourself in. Will you be able to get out of the room? Right click to see the inventory. Good luck!

    Play Here Online
    (You need to install the Wind 3D browser plugin to play the game; support for Internet Explorer and Firefox)

    Or Download Here (7.6 MB, .rar file)

    Please use spoilers to give hints:
    [spoiler=Title Here]Enter text here...[/spoiler]

    Click image for larger version

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    IE won't let me open the site to play online- I even tried to remove the security prompting- but to no avail. And when I try to download, I don't have a program to open the file


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      You'll need something like WinRAR (free trial) or 7-zip (completely free) to open the file.


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        Great fun... I'm off buying some of that Product X stuff... grin

        A student who changes the course of history is probably taking an exam.

        As long as the answer is right, who cares if the question is wrong?


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          Hmmm. This game doesn't seem to like me. Installed the 3d plug-in twice now,
          tried cache dump ect but the game downloads and then still says I don't have
          the plug in.


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            Strange For me it worked without any problems.
            Do you have Windows? And what browser are you using?
            Have you already tried to install the 3D Player from here (the correct one for your browser)?
            Then you also might to try to close your browser and restart it.

            This is what comes to my mind right now.


            • #7
              Using windows vista 64, with firefox. It says to disable user account control,
              but 1- I'm lazy today and haven't looked up how
              and 2- I run as administrator so don't really see the need?

              Did the manual install, cache cleared, opened and closed, even had a reboot
              since the last time I tried.
              There was a firefox update today, perhaps that did something. I'll probably
              dig out the shortcut to IE later and give it a shot.


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                Hmmm, I had no problems as admin without disabling user account control
                Currently I don't have any idea how to help you
                I hope it will work with IE for you


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                  The easy way is just to download? I can upload a zip version if that helps, rar has a lot better compression
                  You want to use the 3.5 Beta player, the 3.0 ones wont work
                  Awakening is inbetween versions so it could be possibly be a bug somewhere, I'll try it in FF and see if I have problem.. but I do have UAC turned off

                  my website usually blows a fuse when my online stuff hits Gamershood, i really must upgrade my bandwidth <sighs>
                  if you look at my other ones, none get past the first page of comments without the last thread being "bandwidth exceeded" lol

                  When i first did the game "productX" was named but if you do a search on the making of the fuel quite a lot of folks set fire houses, ovens, one guy blow up a microwave.. you do not use a microwave!! So the method in the game wouldn't really work its a bit more involved than that


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                    Hi Nige,
                    Sorry, I didn't mean to crash your server
                    Should I remove the online link?
                    Btw, currently your page source is not correct for FF, you might have deleted a part of the source when updating the download info for the Wind 3D Player

                    This part is missing:
                    <embed type=application/x-awingsoft-winds3d


                    • #11
                      I ment to put the page back to the more basic version, it does freaky stuff when you scroll so I was messing about trying to fix it, I sidn't realise I'd knocked out a bunch of code lol
                      thanks, I'll sort it

                      The server is doing ok, it doesn't effect it as badly as flash does, which is really odd.. I think ActiveX plugins put a lot of people off anyway so I was never really worried.. the Gilen game caught me by suprise because I never mentioned it and it was months after when it ended up on blogs.. thanks to gamershood it stayed live


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                        Thanks, it's working again with FF


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                          I'd really would be interested in what people think, more so the controls side, whether its easy to use etc.. and if you managed to install the activeX player.

                          I'm on doing another game so I just want to make sure folks find the general system works ok



                          • #14
                            I personally had no problems with installing the 3d player plugin, the controls were clear to me, and the only thing that was a bit difficult for me resulted from the slight hotspot displacement, but you know that already

                            I hope that you'll get more feedback from other players when the game is added to


                            • #15
                              If they want host it I can send the html and the game file, its slightly different to the download version