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  • FoodForce2

    FoodForce2 is a strategy game in which decision-making skills of a player have a high significance in determining the outcome.

    The aim of the player is to make a village self-sustenant in terms of nutrition, housing, health, education and training by consistent production and trading of resources with the help of necessary infrastructure. The game currently has a storyboard, which is developed from a viewpoint of an Indian villager, who is the Sarpanch (The administrator of the ruling body, Panchayat, of the village) of a village and his son helps him in the development of the village, who is the next candidate for the position currently held by his father.

    The game can be downloaded from here :

    The game works fine on Windows and linux and its also working on an OLPC XO.

    For more info regarding the game check out :

    Happy Gaming!!