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  • Treasure Turner

    Treasure Turner is a puzzle game in which you use the left and right directional arrows to 'rotate' the playing board clockwise, or counter-clockwise. The playing board is stacked with gems of different colors. Once a gem of a certain color falls on another gem of that color, they both explode and disappear. The point of the game is to make all the gems disappear. Simple, right? Well, try for yourself to find out.

    Treasure Turner was created by me using the DM engine exclusive to BYOND. The installer( made with CreateInstall Free Edition ) is free of all viruses, ads, adult content etc. that you forbid on here.

    ( BYOND is a completely free suite of programs allowing aspiring developers to create games on the go, with great flexibility and ease-of-use. )

    - Programming: Me
    - Graphics: Me
    - Sounds: Courtesy of and sfxr
    - Concept: Some old flash game I forgot the name of

    Download Link

    I hope you have fun playing the game!
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    Please post all new games in the New Games Subforum as stated in the POSTING RULES


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      Originally posted by Mistery View Post
      Please post all new games in the New Games Subforum as stated in the POSTING RULES
      ...uh, the first post this guy made was of this game IN THE NEW GAMES SECTION, but it's now in the "bin" because you then posted in it, linking back to THIS post saying he already posted it (even though it was the first post, and in the correct area).


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        How do you want to know where it was posted?
        The game was posted in the wrong subforum, and I have moved it to the New Games section where all new games must be posted.
        Since 1 thread per game is enough, I have removed the 2 other threads for the same game.


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          Hey, would it be possible for this game to be transferred to the 'Puzzle Games' section? Seeing as this section of the forums doesn't seem to get much traffic.


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            Sorry, your game has to be downloaded as far as I see, therefore it has been categorized as downloadable game. The puzzle games section is for online puzzles only.