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The Black Wish Cemetery

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  • The Black Wish Cemetery

    A point and click adventure with 3D panorama for download, created by Dalton with Adventure Maker.
    The Black Wish family terrorized Sao Paulo, Brazil in the mid-1800's. Their evil seems to continue.
    Others have tried to stop it but failed. Can you save the town?

    The game is not suitable for children.

    Download Here (256 MB , Windows XP and Vista)
    Unzip the downloaded folder, then run the .exe file inside it to install the game.
    Your screen resolution will change during game play, however on exit, it will change back.
    Right click on the screen to bring up the menu at the top.

    Homepage of the author

    Please use spoilers to give hints:
    [spoiler=Title Here]Enter text here...[/spoiler]

    Please do not post a video walkthrough for 7 days.

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    I got a lot of things, but I can't find a heavy object that I need
    Nor can I open the trapdoor with anything yet.


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        I got these items


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          Aww I'm having trouble with downloading...will have to try and find the problem and try later


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            Finally a bit further. I had huge problems to get

            Now I've found something solid under the mud, but don't know how to get to it
            Also found a secret wall, but I need light...

            Got it

            Got pretty far, I was in a very creepy gross room; and I must be near the end, but I'm having a bit problems to put the images on the correct graves...


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              okay, starting the download.....

              Looks nice, but i'll have to look at it tommorow.
              from what i've seen sofar it's gonna take a while to play.....
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                2 problems one i cant figure out the music box and 2nd half the time when i reload the game it dont work right and have to start all over which sucks yea i heard the music notes but just cant get the right order on the music box so im giving up for now if i seen a pic on what buttons to push it be help full but dought ill get that


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                  Can you tell a bit more about what happens if you load a game?
                  I'd like to pass the info to the game creator

                  For the music keys


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                    when i reload the game from a saved game sometimes i see the items and cant do nothing and other times i get the point things and magnifi glass like ur suppose to but when i click fwrd or the glass to look at stuff it dont do anything so i have to keep exit and reopening and loading my saved game till it fixes and if it dont fix i have to restart from the begginging all over again and its pain cause any other games i play and have the save file thingy i never have any problems with but on this game i have major problems i tryed the game on xp and on the other pc vista and get the same problems


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                      Originally posted by Mistery View Post
                      Can you tell a bit more about what happens if you load a game?
                      I'd like to pass the info to the game creator

                      For the music keys
                      those are the wrong keys and i still cant get the right ones grrrr


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                        The save/load issues should be fixed now, I have updated the link


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                          The solution for Black Wish

                          Hi Guardwolf.
                          I´m the creator of the Black Wish Cemetery.
                          First of all i´d like to thank you for playing my game.
                          Well, the black Wish version you have is the old one. There´s 2 bugs in the old version: the save and load game are not working if you save in the cilindrical scenes. And the other bug is on graves puzzle. Some players are not having the problem you have, but others are having this problem, so I updated the Black Wish 1.0 to 2.0 without this bugs and I´ve updated the walkthrought as well (now there´s photos with the correct sequence to the music box puzzle and the graves puzzle as well).
                          Thanks again for playing my game.


                          Dalton Costa C. de Lima
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                            to GamersHood Forums dalton, great to see you here
                            I hope that other players will try your game, too, as I liked it very much


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                              I'm really stuck

                              First of all:
                              This game's very nice in grafic and puzzels! Good job!

                              I had a lot of trouble with the download, but the link from here dit it and so i could play at least.

                              But now I think there's a bug or something I can't manage: In the 2ond secret place (after i got the rug) there is no way for me to go back up. I only can climb the first ladder back, but then there is no more symbol for any action (no up, no down, no save etc., just exit is possible)!?

                              What am I doing wrong?
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